I graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2007 with a Masters degree in painting, having previously studied for a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art.  On completion of my studies in London, I moved back to Cornwall where I create figurative paintings on board canvas.  I work with diluted acrylics, adding texture with watercolour, collage,  pencils and pens.


I work from home in Falmouth, sitting at a low table to produce my work.  My sitting room wall is covered in photographs of my friends and family, memories of the great times I had at Falmouth College of Art and the laughs I share with my nephew. These help me to produce work. There are sad photographs too, of people who are no longer here.


I often sit for days staring at my blank pages of my sketchbook without and inspiration for my next painting, but eventually, slowly, things begin to take shape and a scene forms in my head and then I begin to sketch.  Inspiration comes from many places, but usually from everyday moments and observations. It could be something I overhear in a shop, a detail from nature I’ve glimpsed, or something a friend has said to me that made me laugh. I start with a sketch and then I draw it out in pencil on card or board canvas. Then I add the details using pencils and pens.


The medium I use is diluted acrylics, adding texture with watercolour pencils on canvas and board. I like the transparency of the paints when they are watered down so you can see the original pencil drawing. I have also started to introduce collage and texture into my work. To my eye, this creates an interesting sense of detail, that I can’t achieve with paint alone. At the moment I enjoy using collage, ripping the colours out of  old gardening magazines that my mother gives me. I separate the ripped pieces of paper into colours and then I start cutting them up to use in my work.  I use PVA to stick the bits down. I like to get messy!